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How To Stop Decking Being Slippery – The Easiest Guide Ever!

The easiest guide on how to stop decking being slippery on the internet! Be warned it couldn't be easier...I assure you!
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Can I Screed Over Old Quarry Tiles? Is It Safe?

Can I screed over old quarry tiles? In my honest opinion, no, I wouldn't! Find out why I'm so against screeding over old quarry tiles.
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How To Move Gravel Without a Wheelbarrow – A Simple Method

Wondering how to move gravel without a wheelbarrow? I will show you a really simple method to help you move a bulk bag of gravel without a wheelbarrow.
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What Direction Do You Lay Decking Boards?

Confused about what direction do you lay decking boards? Should they run left to right? Or up and down? What about diagonally? I have the answers...
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How To Fix a Leaking Close Coupled Toilet Cistern

Can't afford a plumber? Watch and learn how to fix a leaking close coupled toilet cistern. It's easier than you think, following these steps.
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How to Remove Wallpaper With a Steamer, Fast!

Everybody hates stripping wallpaper, but I have some neat little tricks I want to share with you to remove wallpaper with a steamer, fast!
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How To Maintain Your House – The Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

With spring around the corner it makes perfect sense to check what maintenance your house may need for the season and the coming months ahead
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How Much Laminate Flooring Do I Need For My Room?

Not sure exactly how much flooring you’ll need? Follow this easy peasy guide and feel like a PRO!
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