Why is My Light Not In The Middle Of The Room!?


One night your laying in bed and look up at the light, you then you begin to wonder….Why is my light not in the middle of the room!?

In this post I’m going to reveal to you why its not in the middle of the room but nearer the window, if you can move it and also why you should consider leaving the light where it is.

Why Is My Light Fitting Near The Window?

Your light fitting is near the window because it would stop the the light from casting a silhouette of your body against the window and curtains for all the street to see!

If you think back to the period the house was built curtains were the norm and blinds were not even thought about, and if you wasn’t super rich your curtains would have no backing on them to block the light from casting your silhouette.

There is also the mention that it was for mimicking natural light as it would come into the room in the daytime.

Also, another reason was because most dressing tables were placed in front of the window and needed a light in the evening to get ready.

But for now and the future, the casting of your body outline against the window makes more sense and secures the assumption.

Can I Move My Light Fixture Into The Middle Of The Room?

Yes of course!

Moving a light fixture into the middle of the room is quite a basic task if your a competent DIY’er.

If the distance you need to move the light isn’t too far, no extra wiring will be needed, just pull back the loft installation and relocate the wiring to the new spot.

Now if your moving the light quite a distance (a metre or further) then extra wiring and a junction box will be needed.

The only time it maybe difficult is if that light your moving contains the loop of the circuit for the upstairs lights, this is when i suggest you hire an electrician to do the work if you are unsure.

Also be careful if your ceiling has Artex.

Artex in period properties will have asbestos, so be very careful.

Wear a mask, eye protection and cover over the area around you where you will be drilling.

If you do have to cut out the ceiling because you are fitting down lighters instead of a light pendant then take every precaution possible to keep dust to a minimum.

One of the most handy tools you can have in your tool box if your renovating your property and fitting alot of downlighters is to purchase a Starrett DB2 Debris Collector.

This bit of kit will keep dust and mess to a bear minimum because everything will be caught in the collector.

A little tip when using the Starrett DB2 Debris Collector, once you have finished drilling the hole keep the collector up against the ceiling for a few seconds for the dust to settle before you remove it away from the hole 😉

How Much Does It Cost to Center a Light Fixture?

Its not too expensive to be honest.

Here in the UK you will be looking at price range of £60 – £150 depending on distance, difficulty and time.

Just be aware that the electrician will not repair the area the light was originally installed, you will either have to do it yourself or hire a handyman.

Did This Post Help?

Hopefully I’ve answered your question “why is my light not in the middle of the room!?”, and now you know it can be moved….Will you move it, or keep it where it is???

Me personally I would keep it where it is and maybe opt for a spotlight fixture or just have some nice bedside lamps for extra lighting.

The thing is, if I move it to the centre, I may have to start charging the street for a peep show! haha 😉

Let me know below in the comments if your going to move yours or if you already have, and if you hired an electrician, how much did it cost? Would love to hear from you!

Each and every week I put my heart and soul into providing you with great content to help with any DIY jobs around the home.

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