Invision Ultra Strong TV Wall Bracket Mount Review


I’m just going to go right ahead and say that the Invision ultra strong TV wall bracket mount is, well…

The best TV bracket that I’ve ever purchased and used!

But it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any flaws with this bracket, there are, but you will soon find out how small and easy they are to work around.

Honestly they are only small, promise 😉

Why The Invision Ultra Strong TV Wall Bracket Mount?

A week ago I was asked to fit a TV above a radiator, a very weird request but it was the only place it could go.

If you don’t know much about hanging a TV above a radiator, in short you need to keep the TV away from the uprising heat produce from the radiator to minimise any damage, if at all.

So the only way to deal with this is to use a TV bracket that extends away from the wall, at least 500mm (half a metre).

Now in the majority of my installs I do use an extendable TV bracket, but on the return to a customers house (before the radiator job) to do some other work, I noticed the TV bracket that I previously installed had sagged.

On closer inspection the single arm that extended had worn around the hinges.

This made me realise I needed a stronger TV bracket and especially a bracket with two extendable arms instead of one.

Back To The Amazon Drawing Board

So I went back to Amazon where I always purchase my usual TV bracket from, to start looking for a replacement.

I spent a fair few hours reading reviews until I came across the Invision ultra strong TV wall bracket mount.

On my checklist I had 3 main attributes I needed from a new TV bracket, and they were:

Needs to be also used for just “tilt only applications”, so when fully closed against the wall the bracket doesn’t protrude too much away from the wall.

Has to have a broad range of VESA applications. If your not sure what VESA means, it refers to the measurement between the four fixing holes on the back of your TV.

Be strong as an ox! As I said earlier the one arm extendable I once fitted is no longer fit for purpose, especially for bigger TV’s that can weigh anywhere upto the 40-50kg range!

Did The Invision TV Bracket Tick The Boxes?

Tilt ✔

The reason I was adamant it was suitable also for tilt applications, is because I did’t want to be purchasing a separate bracket, I wanted a all-in-one.

The Invision bracket boasts an ultra slim wall and long reach attribute, which gives you a 58mm protrusion when fully closed against the wall and a 500mm extension at its longest reach.

But if you want to be technical I measured it at 505mm at full extension, not bad ay!

So even with the biggest of TV’s (the max is 70″ for this bracket) It won’t make them look out of place when up and tilted against the wall.

And for all you technical buffs out there, the invision bracket gives you a +8 degress forward tilt and a -5 back tilt 😉

Vesa ✔

In my job a fit a broad range of TV’s to walls so its important that the bracket I use has multiple VESA options.

I was impressed by the range of VESA options this bracket has:

200×200 200×300 200×400300×200300×300

Even though your TV might have one of those VESA sizes above, I have ran into a few problems with certain makes of TV’s but i will explain about that later in this post.

But if there is any issue that this bracket isn’t compatible with your TV, Invision offer a compatibility promise*

Meaning that they will ensure your product fits, or your money back…Quids in!

Oh! and one other thing….If you have lost your VESA fixing bolts and spacers that came with your TV originally, don’t despair this Invision bracket comes with a whole host of VESA fixings.


It is blantley obvious two arms are better than one!

But this never crossed my mind when I was installing the one arm bracket I previously used.

TV brackets with one arm that boast that they are strong, take it from me over time they arn’t.

The Invision ultra strong TV wall bracket mount comes with double arms each connecting to stress loaded compression bearings.

Believe me this bracket feels like a piece of equipment from the gym! If I did a pull up off this bracket it wouldn’t phase it…maybe that would be a good test next time i install one!

I know I sound a little cocky but when they have made this bracket suitable for TV’s upto 50kg and have stress tested the bracket with FOUR times that weight!…

Then, hopefully my cockiness pays off when I test it out! Haha!

So, Whats In The Box?

On opening the box the main part of the bracket is on top, with all the gubbin’s underneath.

The kit comes with instructions that are, well, let’s say straight forward without much context.

If your a competent DIY’er you will find them easy to understand.

For some reason, while I was reading the reviews, alot of people were complaining that the instructions didn’t tell you to remove the TV mounting plate before assembly.

All I can say is that they must of scanned over the instructions, because it does clearly state that you need to remove the mounting plate.

The reason the mounting plate is a big deal is because removing this actually allows you to mount your TV without any help.

Customers who bought the bracket were not removing the mounting plate.

Once the bracket was on the wall it took two of them to match the TV upto the bracket and fiddle about putting nuts in while balancing an expensive flat screen TV in there hands! Shocker!

Amoungst the gubbin’s is the wall fixing kit…

This kit is only suitable for brick, concrete and wood and comes with 6 coach screws and 6 wall plugs and some washers.

Now going back to the reviews (here we go) some customers had managed to snap the coach bolts in the wall as they were screwing them in.

Now don’t get me wrong, they aren’t quality coach bolts but they do withstand some tension.

They have never once snapped on me (I bet I’ve cursed myself now,lol) and that’s because I know what I’m doing.

Whenever your drilling into brick or concrete you need to clean out the hole before you fit a wall plug and screw your bolt in.

If you don’t, the dust will add, added resistance to threads and…SNAP! Its time to buy some new coach bolts and relocate the bracket.

This can all be avoided with a quick hoover out of the hole, and a neat little trick off rubbing the threads up and down with a wax candle which will help lubricate the threads…

But don’t use that Yankee candle! You will be in some deep doo doo if your partner catches you!

Invision also supply a useless spirit level and a handy spanner…

Two tips for you….Throw the spirit level away and use your own, and use a socket set instead of the spanner to tighten up the coach screws, much easier!

There are also four rails, two for the horizontal vesa measurements, and two for the vertical vesa measurements, and these will mount to the mounting plate I mentioned.

It is a really a good kit!

Oh yes! and they supply you a HDMI cable as a good gesture 😉

How Long Does It Take To Assemble The Invision Ultra Strong TV Wall Bracket Mount?

The Invivsion bracket comes mostly assembled.

The only part of the bracket that needs assembling is the four runners that have the pre-drilled holes for the vesa sizes.

You will also need to unscrew the mounting plate from the bracket so you can easily assemble the four runners to it.

An average DIY’er could realistically put this up in an hour to an hour and half.

Thirty minutes to assemble, and about forty five minutes to an hour to mark, drill and hang.

But if your experienced (like me, I hate blowing my own trumpet,ha) it takes forty five minutes tops!

You May Have To Modify The Bracket Slightly

I had a problem with a 46″ Samsung TV once.

On matching up the vesa holes and fitting the bracket, the horizontal and vertical rails were blocking the power port and a section of the scart lead port.

It was an easy fix to work round, i just marked with a pencil and used my trusty angle grinder to remove the excess off the rails.

You could easily cut the rails with a junior hacksaw too!

But please don’t disregard the Invision bracket because of this slight modification, it would be physically, and financially difficult for any TV bracket company to know were exactly the location of these ports would be.

The only real downside, if you wanted to purchase a larger TV, the bracket would have to be bought again because of the modification.

You Will Have To Buy Extra Mounting Screws For Certain TV’s

I have fitted the Invision ultra strong TV wall bracket mount 17 times (I recall) and out of the 17 TV’s I’ve hung, only 4 of them were Samsung (I’ve got a good memory,ha) that actually needed longer bolts than that were supplied by Invision.

I now purchase this Suptek universal TV installation kit just in case I ever end up hanging a Samsung TV again.

Majority of the new Samsung TV’s sometimes require two different M8 size bolts (40 – 50mm).

A huge majority of TV mounting brackets come with a poor selection of M8 bolts, and the Invision bracket is no exception.

This suptek pack has a great range of M8 length bolts, and also M4’s, M5’s and M6 and plenty of washers and spacers, so the pack will easily accommodate small TV’s and Larger TV’s.

I would totally recommend the Suptek universal installation kit to any one who is going to hang a TV, and specifically for those with TV’s that use M8 fixing holes.

Curved TV’s, Not a Problem!

The Invision bracket will fit curved TV’s as long as your Vesa mounting measurements are between 200mm x 200mm and 400mm x 600mm.

Thinking back I’ve fitted the bracket to three curved TV’s and it was as straight forward as for a flat TV, but I do remember having to use the suptek kit because I need longer spacers for the vesa rails.

The Verdict.

All in all, I love the Invision ultra strong TV wall bracket mount!

As a handyman I couldn’t ask for more from a TV bracket, well I could based on the slight modification I did on the vesa rail, but that’s negligible.

And I could ask for more fittings instead of having to purchase the suptek universal installation kit, but with how frequent TV’s are being updated I really do think Invision are doing a great job!

Maybe a revised version may come out soon, but then again those fixings could be out of date before soon too

Like I said it’s negligible.

But the bracket is a big thumbs up from me, and if you follow the tips I’ve shared with the candle and the hoover I don’t think you will have any problems at all, just be careful with the plasterboard/drywall applications.

**Have a look at the latest prices of the Invision TV mounts**


Below are some questions I plucked out from the Amazon question section, which I think can be answered better from me.

Since I’ve fitted this bracket 17 times, I some what have a bit of experience (I need to stop blowing my own trumpet….it’s unlike me!) with the Invision bracket.

Q1. Can I put one TV on this bracket and then fit another model to the bracket after one year?

Realistically, yes!

As long as the vesa measurements match up with any of the measurements Invision cover, then yes definitely.

You may come a cropper if you did modify the bracket for your first TV and you second TV ends up being bigger, you may need that bit of rail you cut off to accommodate the new TV.

In that case a new bracket will have to be purchased.

Q2. I want to cover 2 wooden studs that are 60cm’s apart, can this do the job?

Ideally that’s what I was also looking for when I was shopping around for a new bracket, but I’m afraid the Invision ultra strong TV wall bracket mount has six fixing holes that are only 400mm apart with a centre hole being 200mm in from the outside hole…

This is not a problem if your fixing into a solid wall, but into stud wall I would recommend purchasing a piece of hardboard that is 60cm wide and screw that into the studs and then mount the Invision bracket on to the hardboard.

It is by far the safest way, I wouldn’t recommend using any plasterboard fixings to hold this bracket between studs.

Some plasterboard fixings state they can hold 50,60 kg etc (which is true), but can the plasterboard/drywall hold that amount of weight safely without tearing away from the studs!?

Especially when the Invision bracket can hold upto 50 kg and when cantilevered away from the wall the amount of stress that will be put on the plasterboard fixings will be immense.

You see plasterboard fixings are based on handling a downward force, once the TV bracket is pulled away from the wall a outward force is then added to the stress on the fixings.

And not to mention that the plasterboard/drywall could of been poorly fitted to the studs.

Personally, If you hired me to this job, I would be mounting the TV bracket on hardwood which would be screwed into the studs.

Q3. Would this bracket suit for mounting a TV above a fireplace ?

Absolutley! It would be perfect due to the solid bricks you will be screwing the coach screws into.

My only concern would be the heat from the fireplace.

I would personally stop having fires and buy an electrical fire so that the heat can be controlled, or don’t use the fireplace again, and just use it as a decorative area.

Q4. Can you put a television on a wall above a radiator?

I answer this question in a recent blog post here

Q5. Can this extend out in a straight line? My TV is in an alcove that just fits it, so it can’t move side to side.

Yes the Invision arm will extend out of the alcove, the arm has an extension of 500mm, which is half a metre. If your alcove isn’t too deep you should be able to tilt the TV side to side.

Q6. How many centimetres does this come out from the wall when fully extended? Does it rotate a full 90° when fully extended?

The bracket will extend your TV away from the wall by 50cm (500mm). The bracket will rotate a fully 90° but with a TV attached to the bracket you will be limited on how close you get to the full 90°.

A 55inch TV will allow you to rotate up to 75-80° before the TV touches the wall, a bigger screen like a 70inch will give you less rotation, some were in the region of 45-50°.

Q7. Where can I download a PDF of the manual?

You can download a copy of the manual in PDF form here

Q8. Could this be mounted on a curved wall? I am moving to a house which has a concave feature wall which would be perfect for a curved TV.

I’m afraid this bracket would be unfit for this application, you would need a ceiling mounted TV bracket which can be screwed into a ceiling joist in the area of your concave wall, have a look at the ONKRON Ceiling TV Mount Bracket Height Adjustable for 32 to 70 Inch LED LCD TVs

Q9. Please can you recommend a compatible sound bar bracket?

I can, the Mounting Dream Soundbar Bracket Sound Bar TV Mount. This mount is frequently bought with the Invision ultra strong TV wall bracket mount

Did This Post Help?

Hopefully this review has answered all your questions about the Invision ultra strong TV wall bracket mount?

The Invision bracket is my go to TV bracket and will be for a very long time, hopefully you will be as happy as me if you decide to purchase it.

If you do end up purchasing the Invision bracket make sure you pop back here and let me know how you got on with the installation.

Each and every week I put my heart and soul into providing you with great content to help with any DIY jobs around the home.

If you think this post could help someone you know, please share.

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