Can You Put a Television On a Wall Above a Radiator?


I can’t count on my hands how many times I’ve been asked ” can you put a television on wall above a radiator”!?

Placing a television above a radiator can cause some serious damage, the rising heat could cause your TV to overheat and never work again. I advise, if you have to place your TV above a radiator, to invest in a full motion TV bracket that can be pulled away from the wall, protecting your TV from the heat.

And don’t worry about searching for a full motion bracket, I know one that will be perfect for this situation…

The Best Bracket For a Television On a Wall Above a Radiator

A full motion TV bracket is the most suitable and best type of bracket for putting a TV above a radiator.

Full motion TV brackets allow you to extend the TV away from the wall which is perfect for keeping your expensive flat screen TV away from the uprising heat of a radiator.

One of the best full motion brackets available is the Invision Ultra Strong TV Wall Bracket Mount Double Arm Tilt & Swivel.

The Invision Bracket In my honest opinion is the only bracket I will use.

I did always use a single arm full motion bracket until on a revisit to a customers house to decorate.

I realised that the single arm bracket I had fitted begun to sag.

On closer inspection the hinges looked stressed and the guide pins had some play in them.

This made me realise that two arms would be so much better than one, because of the shear weight of some flat screen TV’s.

I always order the TV brackets from Amazon, so it was back to Amazon to find a suitable replacement for future installs.

After a couple of hours of searching a reading numerous reviews I settled for the Invision Ultra Strong TV Wall Bracket Mount Double Arm Tilt & Swivel.

And liked I said, this bracket will always be my go to bracket for all of my TV bracket installations.

Why is The Invision Bracket Perfect For Above Radiator Installations?

The Invision Ultra Strong TV bracket is perfect for placing your TV above a radiator, because on full extension the bracket will allow your TV to be extended 500mm away from the wall, that’s half a metre!

This will allow all the uprising heat to easily flow up behind the TV, which will help keep your TV at a reasonable temperature.

Can You Put a Television On a Wall Above a Radiator Tips

Not only investing in the Invision Ultra Strong Bracket I also have some tips that will ensure your expensive TV gives you many years of watch time installed above a radiator.

Check Your Specs!

Flicking through your Flat screen TV’s manual will reveal the optimum temperature ranges your TV should operate within.

Most manufactures usually have a recommendations between -10 and 50 degrees Centigrade.

Using the above temperature ranges as rough guide will help you keep your room at on optimal operating temperature for your TV.

Turn Off or Turn Down The Radiator

One of the most simple ways of keeping your TV safe is turning off the radiator or turning the temperature down.

If your living in a new build I’m pretty sure you will get away with turning the radiator completely off because of how fantastic new builds are at keeping warm.

If your in a old house it may be beneficial to keep the rad on half way especially if you live in an old terraced house.

Install a Radiator Shelf

Installing a radiator shelf above a radiator maybe the cheapest way to deflect heat away from your TV.

The radiator shelf would be a great addition if you already have a TV bracket that only tilts.

I would still recommend turning down your radiator because even though the shelf deflects the heat away from the TV the heat will still rise up in front of the screen.

Amazon stock the radiator shelves which require no drilling at all, just two rods you screw to the underside of the shelf, then gently push the shelf down onto the radiator.

Fit a Radiator Cover

Radiator covers will provide the same deflection of heat just like a radiator shelf, but radiator covers can give your room a more focal point.

Amazon have plenty to choose from with great reviews.

Consider an RCD

For extra peice of mind you could always invest in a RCD.

RCD are a sensitivity device you place between your electrical goods and the socket.

The RCD will automatically switch of the electricity to the TV if it develops a fault.

RCD’s are designed to protect against electrocution and fires caused by earth faults.

Amazon stock a ANEKEN RCD plug safety adapter with very good reviews, and to be honest everyone should have at least one of these in there home, especially for garden work.

Did This Post Help?

Hopefully this post has given you the confidence that your TV will be fine mounted above a radiator if you purchase the correct TV bracket and follow my advice.

In an ideal world you would place it on a wall without a radiator, but we don’t live in an ideal world, do we?

No, we live in a world of making your room look spot on! 😉

Each and every week I put my heart and soul into providing you with great content to help with any DIY jobs around the home.

If you think this post could help someone you know, please share.

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