How To Fix A door Handle That Fell Off


There are many ways to fix a door handle that fell off, but there is one way that always works.

Forget gluing and putting larger screws into the door, these are only temporary fixes,trust me.

The best way (in my opinion) is to insert wall plugs into the holes the screws were pulled out of, for a strong, tight and permanent fix.

Steps To Fixing A Door Handle That Fell Off

Tool Checklist

Cordless drill

5mm wood drill bit

5mm wall plugs (Rawl plugs are my go to brand)



Step One

Using your cordless drill and the 5mm drill bit, bore out each of the holes.

Step Two

Insert the 5mm wallplugs

Step Three

Then Tap the wall plugs in with a hammer until flush with the surface of the door.

Step Four

Then Refit the door handle, tightening the screws with a screwdriver.

Do not use the cordless drill to tighten the screws because you will run the risk of damaging the wall plugs.

Step Five

Be proud of your repair, and have the confidence that this repair will last.

Tips To Fix A Door Handle That Fell Off

Firstly, Don’t just reach for any wall plug, the truth is all wall plugs aren’t the same.

Invest in some quality wall plugs, I’ve been using the brand RAWL plugs for years, they have never let me down.

Secondly, never tighten any screw up that is being held by a wall plug with a cordless drill.

By all means use the cordless drill to drive the screw until its 10mm away from the surface or fixing your tightening too, then using your screwdriver tighten the rest of the way.

This will ensure the wall plug doesn’t get damaged by the harsh stripping that a cordless drill can cause.

Thirdly, Take your time, this repair is straight forward but can easily be ruined if you bore out the holes in a rush.

Did This Post Help?

Now that the handle is back on, you can have words with the culprits who pulled it off…kids, they keep you on your toes! ha.

If your still struggling getting your handle back onto your door, leave a comment below with your problem and i will do my best to help you 🙂

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