Bahco Hand Saw Review – Bahco 244p XT Hard-Point saw 22″


Move over Irwin, the Bahco 244p XT hard-point saw 22″ is my new baby!

I was (and still am) a lover of the Irwin Evo universal handsaw, but since I bought the Bahco I’ve been in love with it ever since, and here’s why…

The Colour

The blue and the orange just pops!!

This was an attraction to me for quite awhile before I purchased this saw.

The reason was, it gave me a feeling of looking more professional and that even more people/clients would probably feel the same too.

It’s like (if you can remember) when you first started out in your trade, your uniform and tools were mediocre, but over time you were able to afford better tools and better clothing with branding.

Following that stage of progression, you realised you were taken more seriously because of the branding and the better tools you had.

The Bahco 244p xt hard-point saw 22″ gives me that feeling.

All Blue’s Aren’t What They Seem

The blue coating on the saw actually has a purpose.

It’s there to keep the saw protected from the elements and to also give you a smooth, non snagging cut through wet timber.

My granddad encouraged me to carry a candle stick in my tool bag for my traditional saws to stop snagging.

He would tell me to rub the candle down both sides of the blade and then cut.

He was right, no snagging ever occurred again. The only problem was that the candle would get trashed in my toolbox.

I was on site once and the lads started calling me the ‘Candle stick maker’…The B@#$*%D’s! haha!

The blue coating on the Bahco does the exact same thing (which is awesome!) and you haven’t got to worry about it rusting up either, especially in the winter when fence repairs are everywhere.

I’ve been using the Bahco for over 3 months now (several times a week) and I haven’t worn away any of the coating (yet), I do get some transfer of the blue coating on to the cut face of the wood, but it’s not a terrible issue.

The Handle

The traditional Bahco/Sandvik handle has been replaced with a more chunkier style handle, which may distress some of you long time Bahco saw users.

But I found this chunkier handle more my style. I have wide palms and fat fingers, and for my type of hand it feels very comfortable.

The blue part of the handle is made with a non slip material, so no risk of losing your grip if you have to cut in the rain.

There is also plenty of room to extend your index finger across the top of the handle for a more precision cut.

The handle also provides you with the 90° and 45° marking guides.

On the whole a really comfortable handle (and a cool colour) but those sacred Bahco users out there may feel that the handle doesn’t feel right (a muscle memory thing).

But don’t despair, the older bacho/sandvik handles will fit the new blade, so if you want the feel of the old handle, go ahead and change it.

The Blade

When you start to cut with Bahco 244p xt hard-point saw, you will immediately realise how rigid the blade is.

It makes it a pure pleasure to cut through large pieces of timber without any bending of the blade, we all know how much that tests your patience.

Also making precision cuts are alot more easier due to the rigidness.

The blade it’s self is actually 20% thicker than your average blade, and you can really tell by how much more heavier it is to a standard saw of this type.

Even though it’s slightly heavier (only a little) the rigidness it gives you is well worth it.

The blade is machined with Bahco’s unique XT-Toothing which boasts a 50% quicker cutting with 20% less effort.

This is because each third tooth is slightly machined offset to the others to provide a straighter and much faster cut than its competitors, and I can definitely vouch for how quick it is.

The saw’s ability to cut on the forward and back stroke also adds to the speed.

It may not be as fast (not much in it) as my Irwin Evo universal handsaw, but there is no way the Irwin could cut the stuff the Bahco cut’s, especially wet wood.

With 9 TPI (teeth per inch) it’s still a quick blade.

Is This Saw Suitable For Rip cutting As Well As Cross Cutting?

The Bahco 244p XT hard-point saw is suitable for cross cutting and ripping, but if you tend to do more rip cutting I would opt for the Bahco 2700-22-XT7-HP.

The blade boasts the same XT Technology but the teeth on the blade are much more suited to rip cutting.

If you do need a saw for ripping, you can find the Bahco 244 Hardpoint 7 Teeth Hand Saw on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Is This Saw Suitable For Cutting Insulation?

I’ve used this saw to cut insulation and also just recently UPVC soffit’s. The saw cut through them with no problem, but the cuts were a little rough.

Regarding the insulation, the saw created alot of dust/waste as you saw through the material.

Bacho do have a saw for this purpose, which can also be found on Amazon, the Bacho PC-22-INS 22-inch Insulation Saw.

Instead of cutting, the insulation saw actually slices trough the material to create minimal waste and give you a cleaner cut.

See The Bahco 244p XT hard-point saw 22″ In Action

Prices/Where To Buy

You can find the Bahco 244p XT hard-point saw 22″ on Amazon for a reasonable price. If your a prime member you will get it delivered next day.

Also, there are some other places that sell the Bahco saw at this time of writing:

Screwfix – £13.99

Wickes – £13.90

The Verdict

The Bahco 244p XT hard-point saw is a great saw for those who want the versatility of cutting wet and dry wood, especially those of you that work in all elements.

The anti-corrosion and low friction benefits will pay you back ten-fold!

The only downside, it comes with one of those rubbish cardboard sleeves and no blade protector. You would of hoped it would for a saw of this price range.

I used to be (still am) a fan of Irwin saws, but since using the Bahco I tend to reach for this one more often.

The rigidness, and slightly heavier feel gives you more confidence to make a great cut.

Also…The colour is awesome!

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Will the Bahco saw tick all your boxes? Hopefully this review has helped you with your decision.

If you already own one of these saws or use the Bahco range of saws, share your experience with them in the comments section below.

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