What Does Spider Poop Look Like?


When decorating or spring cleaning, you will always come across a collection of brown and black spots usually found in the corners of your rooms.

If you have ever wondered what those spots are, your in for a treat.

IT’S SPIDER POOP! Urrrrgggghhhh!

Below is a picture I recently took of a skirting board covered in spider poop.

What Does Spider Poop Look Like? – YouTube Episode 1

Is Spider Poop Dangerous?

According to Copesan (specialists in pest control), they found that spider poop contains no bacteria that is dangerous to humans.

They were more concerned that filth flies were an insect we should be more weary about because they can spread germs such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Enterococcus spp, Salmonella and E. coli.

Their research concluded that spiders must have a antibacterial factor in there venom or blood which destroys those germs.

Read the full article here,

How to Clean Up Spider Poop

Amazon stock a cleaner specifically for spider pooh, it has a great rating but I’ve personally not used it yet.

You can use household cleaners such as a water/bleach solution, or a hot water and washing up liquid solution and a stiff scrubbing brush or sponge.

But sometimes using these solutions are not always practical for some surfaces.

Usually if the spider poop is on the wall or a skirting board, I give it a quick rub down and repaint.

Cleaning Spider Poop on Window Sills

In the video I mention spider poop staining UPVC window sills and that its more apparent round autumn season (September and October) because this is mating season for spiders in the UK.

If you don’t keep on top of the spider poop, the stains will be harder to shift.

Even in the winter it is always good to have you windows cleaned, either by yourself or a window cleaner.

This will keep spiders from setting up a new home.

Once you keep to this regime all you need to do is purchase a solvent cleaner to help remove the stains from the window sill.

You can find Everbuild PVC1S PVCU Solvent Cleaner on Amazon I’ve always got a bottle in the house and one in my tool box.

The only downside being solvent based it has a really strong smell. Make sure you wear some heavy duty gloves when applying it, because it will eat through your normal yellow marigolds.

Don’t waste your money on a solvent FREE product, you will be disappointed by the results.

Did This Post Help?

I hope I haven’t made you feel queasy now you know what those brown and black spots are?

If you do end up purchasing the spider poop cleaner from Amazon or have used it, leave a comment below and let me know if it worked for you?

Also….Try not kill spiders, but pick them up and put them back outside. We are all guilty of giving them the slipper!

Each and every week I put my heart and soul into providing you with great content to help with any DIY jobs around the home.

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