Tap Repair/Replacement

Sherlock Maintenance will promptly and swiftly change your old tap for new, saving you time and effort disconnecting and reconnecting water supplies.

Do You Need a New Tap Replacement?

Did you know a leaky tap can be a huge contributing factor to your water bill.

A leaky tap is not only a inconvenience but a leaky tap can lose at least 3 litres of water a day! Which equates to a huge 90 litres a month!

Save money with Sherlock Maintenance, request a repair using our repair request form.

My Tap Is Rusty

If you find a tap in your home has become rusty you will need to get it replaced sooner rather than later.

Drinking small amounts of rust won’t be harmful but its the certain bacteria rust can attract.

Get Sherlock Maintenance to remove your old rusty tap and replace it with a new shiny tap!

My Kitchen Tap Has Low Pressure?

Having low pressure from a kitchen tap can indicate it is blocked with debris.

Lower pressure can also affect your bathroom taps too!

This is caused by the constant use these taps get, all the water coming trough the tap will carry debris, and will eventually build up and slow the flow of water coming out of your taps, hence the low water pressure.

Why Sherlock Maintenance For Your Tap Replacement or Repair

Sherlock Maintenance will work tirelessly to guarantee you, our valued customer and your home receive the highest quality of workmanship in a timely manner. Sherlock Maintenance strives for a 100% customer satisfaction.

We continuously provide high-quality home maintenance and repair services that go above and beyond your expectations.