Door Repair, Installation & Replacement

A new door will put the finish touch on a newly decorated or renovated room.

Sherlock Maintenance knows hanging a door is a complicated process, you need to be armed with the right drill bits, an electric planer and an eye for detail.

Everything Sherlock Maintenance carries.

Hanging doors not only require fitting hinges, they also require the holes for latch and handles to be made.

Sherlock maintenance will hang your door while you sit back and relax.

Why Sherlock Maintenance For Your Door Repair, Installation & Replacement.

Sherlock Maintenance will work tirelessly to guarantee you, our valued customer and your home receive the highest quality of workmanship in a timely manner. Sherlock Maintenance strives for a 100% customer satisfaction.

We continuously provide high-quality home maintenance and repair services that go above and beyond your expectations.