Decking Repair & Cleaning

Request Sherlock Maintenance to put the love back into your decking!

Decking is so miss treated that it has built up a reputation (no fault of its own) for being slippery.

Decking is ONLY slippery when moss & algae are present, with a little bit of rain it creates the perfect environment for slipping over.

Sherlock Maintenance will revive your deck with a good clean using products we have used time and time again to give us the best results.

We will also re-oil or re-stain your deck back to its best!

Sherlock Maintenance will also repair any loose, weak or broken boards and joist too!

Why Sherlock Maintenance For Deck Repair & Cleaning.

Sherlock Maintenance will work tirelessly to guarantee you, our valued customer and your home receive the highest quality of workmanship in a timely manner. Sherlock Maintenance strives for a 100% customer satisfaction.

We continuously provide high-quality home maintenance and repair services that go above and beyond your expectations.