Hedge Cut

Looking for hedge cutting in Nottingham?

Our one off Hedge cut is perfect for those customers who…

Have a hedge which is too large to contend with or have a rental property they are preparing for new tenants.


Minimum charge £110 <10 metre hedge

<20 metre hedge £160

<30 metre hedge £320

30+ metre hedge will require a consultation


To save you money, we kindly suggest you purchase a seasonal garden waste bin from your local council for a one off cost per year. This way, if we were to revisit your property for future garden maintenance tasks, the waste will be mulched down and disposed of into your garden waste bin.

**However, we will do our best to mulch where possible and use the cuttings as feed underneath any hedges**

Request A One Off Hedge Cutting in Nottingham

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Once you submit the form, Teresa Holmes our Customer Service Relations manager will be in touch shortly.