Deck Revive & Stain/Oil

Looking for decking cleaning in Nottingham?

Our Deck revive & stain/oil is perfect for those customers who…

Want their decking back to that ‘just laid’ look without the hassle of doing it themselves, homeowners preparing their home for sale and landlords preparing their rental property for new tenants.


Option 1.

Clean & reviver solution, and power wash

Minimum price £90 (<25 m2). Then £3.60 per m2 thereafter.

Option 2.

Clean & reviver solution, power wash, and two coats of decking oil

Minimum price £205 (<25 m2). Then £8.20 per m2 thereafter.

Option 3.

Clean & reviver solution incl balustrade, power wash and two coats of decking oil

Minimum price £205 (<25 m2), Then £8.20 per m2 thereafter. Plus extra £15.00 per 2 metre balustrade


All decks will have a clean & reviver solution applied first to loosen any algae, moss and ingrained dirt, using the correct pressure for your decking, we will clean your decking back to that ‘just laid look’. We will then use a leaf blower to remove any excess water to allow the decking to dry evenly.

The oil/stain will be applied 24 hours after the clean to ensure the decking is dry enough for application. During the oil application 2 coats are always recommended and 4 hours between coats. Once we have applied the first coat we will leave your property and then come back later the same day to apply the second coat.

The extra charge of £15 per 2 metre balustrade, this covers the extra oil (1-2 litres per) plus extra time to apply.

Please Note

If your decking has a coloured stain that has deteriorated to the point it is completely flaking off and also in need of major repair. Please could you use the repair request form here.

Our Customer Service Relations Manger can then call you back to arrange a visit to your property to assess the deterioration/damage for a more accurate quote.


Before requesting our Decking revive & stain/oil service, please be aware that we will require to use your water supply. Even though some of our vans will carry water containers for required jobs, the water we need to clean a decking will far exceed what our containers can hold.

How To Find The Size/Area Of Your Decking

Using a tape measure, measure the length and then the width in metres, then multiply those numbers together. The result will be the size of your decking in square metres.

—Length in metres X width in metres = size of decking in square metres—

Request Decking cleaning In Nottingham

Fill in the form below, including a picture of your decking (max size 5mb).

Once you submit the form, Teresa Holmes our Customer Service Relations Manager will be in touch shortly.

**We do our utmost to keep our prices accurate, but if there is any change in material costs that could affect the price, our Customer Service Relations Manager will make you aware when she calls you back.